Condolences for Teresa Van Deventer

Mom Faye Faye Brooks posted on 1/1/15

Happy New Year sweet girl. I will miss you so much. This will be a very hard year and each one that follows. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are with your Dad and Grandmom. You were my first and her first. I love you so much- see you again some day.


Lynn & Debbie Foster posted on 12/31/14

Joe, Amy, Elisha, John, Faye and family: Words cannot express how sad we are about Teresa's death. She was so full of life to lose hers so early. I have to trust that God needed her badly in his army or he wouldn't have taken her so soon. We are here for you day or night and forever more, for support or whatever you need. Love, Lynn, Debbie & Aunt Opal


Brenda Ward posted on 12/31/14

Love my sister dearly and she will be missed. Will hold on to the wonderful memories we made together. She was always giving of herself and there for anyone in need.


Paul & Jackie Justis posted on 12/31/14

We want to express our deepest condolences for your loss. I am at a loss for words that may give comfort, but I pray you don't suffer the pain of this loss too long. Consider how Teresa would want to you to carry on. paul justis


Lucy Page posted on 12/31/14

Teresa was a precious friend, even as I had only known her briefly. Witty, soul filled, compassionate, pretty, intelligent and fun loving. She was happy about buying a home near the lake, and we were looking forward to living life to its fullest. A dear friend, I will miss her and her laughter. Rest in peace, sweet lady. I'll be seeing you. P.S. Happy birthday __


Rene Lisle posted on 12/31/14

Teresa I miss your smile and laugh. We hadn't been friends very long but I will miss you forever. I know you are in heaven with my love and your friend Tom and the two of you are laughing and telling jokes. Your family are in my prayers, may the Lord give them strength and comfort.


Karen McClure Brooks posted on 12/30/14

Joe and Amy, you had the sweetest most wonderful woman for a mother. She loved you both so much and lived every minute for the two of you. Joe you were already here before I met Teresa, but Amy I was there when you born. You were a very small premi and your mother was at the hospital every day to hold your hand and talk to you even before she could hold you. She willed you to live and thrive just as she did with Joe when he was born. No one could have meant more to her than you two. She loved you both and always will. Hang in there, with the knowledge that you will see her again one day in the loving embrace of God.


Michelle McDaniel posted on 12/30/14

I love you my dear friend.


Michael Knyff posted on 1/3/15

My dear dear friend, what a blessing it was to have known you here for the time that I did.. You are and will be so very missed. Thanks & Love you Kid !


John Brimmer posted on 1/3/15

Dale, it sounds like you were two peas in a pod. We have been praying for you all.


mayge wilkerson ford posted on 1/3/15

I will always remember you at Stonegate swimming pools. You always had a big smile on your face. I know there is a Angel watching over you Mom & Dale. You will be miss but not forgotten.


Dan & Robbie Dunn posted on 1/2/15

It is will a heavy heart that we have lost such a wonderful person so early in life. You will be greatly missed by all those you have touched. Enjoy your wings!


Therese Filhiol posted on 1/2/15

My condolences go out to all of you who love this dear lady. I only met Teresa one time, but that was enough to know her vivacious personality and her charming wit. Such a wonderful person will never die because she lives on in the hearts of all the people her life has touched.


Steve and Peggy Hohnstein posted on 12/30/14

Oh the memories we will cherish... We will always hold them, and you, in our hearts. God bless you our T.


Benny & Maudene Mason posted on 1/2/15

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Teresa's family & friends. We met her when our granddaughter, Elisha, married her son, Joe. We only had the pleasure of being with her a few times, but she always was so friendly & full of fun. Our thoughts & prayers are with you all as you remember the good times & celebrate her life.


Terry Alvarado posted on 12/31/14

My deepest sympathy for the loss of this wonderful woman. She was a loving and vibrant person who will always have a special place in my heart for her unconditional kindness to my family many years ago. My prayers are for comfort and strength for her family.