Condolences for Bobby Jack Pack, Jr.

Greg Scheuerman posted on 5/4/22

He was my neighbor many years ago. We had alot of good times when we were kids. Our families were very close for many years.. he was a great guy. And the world will never be the same...


Dan Fitz posted on 5/2/22

The Ditchhawk sez 'Aaww....' I always will know where to talk to you every Nov 22. Hug so many for us all. Love ya brother )


K-Mart Reeves posted on 5/1/22

Bobby's passing is devastating. I am heartbroken. He was such a giant in Dallas entertainment. His accumulated works in the local art scene is remarkable. His TV show is a comedy masterpiece. He was a genius and he will be missed. HIca Yama Daily, my friend!


david and karen posted on 4/27/22

I remember Bobby coming into Keener's barefoot and bellbottoms picking up parts for the garage. All kinds of pictures and Roads end stories


Marco Kathuria posted on 4/27/22

Bobby had been part of my life for nearly 30 years. He was both a good friend, but also a wonderful artist to collaborate with. Bobby's talent ranged so far and wide, it's hard to believe that one person could product as much art as he was able to in the 64+ years of his life. He was an inspiration and mentor to me with my own work, but also a dear and beloved friend with whom I'd spend hours on the phone with chatting about this and that. Bobby was once of the funniest people I ever met. His drole and laconic humor was such that if you weren't paying attention, some of his classic one-liners or funny quips would be missed. I'm sure other friends feel as I do: Bobby was so much more than a very good friend. He was the older brother you sometimes wished you had always had, who, after boxing you around the ears as kid, would immediately turn around and give you a huge bear hug with those huge hands and arms of his. I will miss you, brother.


Zip posted on 4/26/22

i was fortunate enough to be a part of the Bobby Jack Pack Show Comedy Show from 1998-2006. Roughly 400 laugh filled, Thursday nights. When my head hit the pillow, I knew that I had just spent the evening as a part of the coolest, funniest activity taking place in the entire city of Dallas. Lucky me. I learned so much and made great friends that I stil see to this day. Thank you, Bobby, for being Bobby! Rest in peace brother!



Deborah Carlton/DC posted on 4/26/22

There are so many great memories of our times working together in Deep Ellum at Club DaDa and the many laughs we shared. And to such an extraordinary person that I was thankful to know & call my buddy all these years! Love to our beloved BJPJ!!!


LISA ARNESEN posted on 4/26/22

Prayers for Peace and healing during this time. Seems like he had a good life and did what made him happy, so he lived.