Condolences for Linda Sharleen Dumis


Vicki Hunter posted on 1/12/22

My close friend Linda Dumis and I are 53 years from NASA worker and message text. I missed Linda now. I didnt come over to her funeral home and her burial because Covin19.


Aneice Wheaton posted on 1/10/22

May God bless you Craig and precious family members. Many of us have known, loved and worked with Dear Linda; sharing many wonderful years. We will truly remember her gracious, adoring smiles; her lovely personality and presence in our lives will remain in our hearts endlessly. Oh how much we will miss her in this earthly realm; rest well, Dear Friend...


Mike Becker posted on 1/10/22

Linda was my supervisor during the early 1980s when we were putting together training manuals for the Space Shuttle. She was a real pro and everybody in our department liked and respected her. It was a privelege to have worked for her


J.J. & Annie Huang posted on 1/10/22

I have known Linda and Charlie when we worked together at NASA since the 90's. Working with Linda was a blessing. She was always willing to lend a helping hand. Many friends come into our lives — but only a few leave extraordinary marks on our hearts like Linda. I’m so lucky to have had Linda in my life, and that’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye. I wanted to extend my sympathies to Craig and the entire family for this loss. Linda will always be in our hearts. Rest in Peace.


Jim and Beverly Graham posted on 1/9/22

Linda was a very special friend, and we enjoyed many activities and memorable fun times with her and Charlie when they lived in New Boston. May they both Rest In Peace!


Marian Sawin posted on 1/9/22

A friend who will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace Linda.


Tiffany Holmes posted on 1/9/22

Prayers for peace and comfort for the family.


Samia Chedid posted on 1/8/22

I’ve known her since the nineties when we worked together at NASA. Linda was a dear friend, kind, creative and tenacious; she enjoyed our fun filled lunch outings and loved the diverse ethnicity of restaurants in the Clear Lake area. Linda’s smile and kind heart are greatly missed. May God grant her everlasting joy and solace and comfort to dear Craig and all her loved ones.


Dennis Webb posted on 1/7/22

I knew Linda and Charlie at NASA long ago. Special coworkers and friends who managed to do the impossible, one day at a time. Rest In Peace.


Ellen Hayes posted on 1/7/22

I was not fortunate enough to know Linda for a long time but the time I did was a true blessing. She was one of the nicest, sweetest ladies I have ever known. She was a true blessing to all who knew her. Comfort for her family. Rest now Linda in the Lord's arms.