Condolences for Margaret Alice Wilson

Sandra Riedesel (niece) posted on 12/25/21

Our dear Aunt Margaret was the matriarch of our family. She looked after everyone and was always concerned with everyone’s well being. We always had fun traveling to North Carolina, Branson, Missouri, and even Graceland in Tennessee. The family stories of long forgotten relations will be missed as Aunt Margaret remembered all distant relative’s names into her 90’s. The funny stories about her mischievous brothers will be missed but not forgotten. The stories of an early to mid 1900’s Fort Worth were fascinating. Our dear Aunt Margaret was the last of The O.C. & Robbie Jenkins family. I know she was greeted in heaven with arms wide open.



Joe Armstrong posted on 12/23/21

Margaret Wilson was my aunt. She had a very positive influence on those around her and we dearly love her and will miss her. Her family was what gave her joy in life. She loved to travel and converse with friends and family.