Condolences for Travis Bryson Weaver

Erin McGuire posted on 11/25/21

I have so many fond memories of Travis and the time spent with him, my husband and many friends. There are too many stories to tell, but they'll be treasured. I'm deeply saddened and I'm not great with words in this type of matter. I hope family can be brought some peace during this time. My heart goes out to his wife , parents, brother and sons.


Lela Acker-Pauletti posted on 11/23/21

I have many memories of Travis. We were in school together from Kindergarten to 11th grade. He was a really nice guy, funny and always kind. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. I will keep you all in my prayers, especially Travis's wife and children.


Will Richardson posted on 11/22/21

Travis, I wish I could find the words I need to say here. I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at your service--All I know is that there are not words that I can compose which are powerful enough to express my sense of loss and sadness. I've thought for days and days after your service, after reaching out to others to do so as well, but I just am so at a loss here. I can remember how proud you were when you first showed me pictures of Tristan after he was born--and I was just so so in awe and blown away by how much he looked like you; I just so sorely regret that we won't get to share the same experience again--any experience. While I hurt and feel so deeply for my loss, it is is difficult to compare to the hurt and sadness II feel for all those around you who loved you; who needed you. Those of us who've been left without you. We'll forever carry on your memory and everything we gained through our times together. Felicia, I am so so sorry that you've lost your husband, your soulmate--I can't begin to understand how that must feel and I wish there were just some way for me to take that pain and bear it for you. I know it seems impossible right now, but you will make it through this. All you have to do is try your best, that's the most anyone could ever ask of you. We're all here for you. To Travis' Mother, Father, and Brother: I offer you my sincerest and deepest condolences; I can only imagine that this must be a a tragedy unparalleled and without comparison for you. It is my greatest hope that this allows you all to grow closer--I hope that we are able to keep in touch some how; I would love to visit you or at least know that you're well! To Tristan: Be strong my friend. I'm so sorry for your loss. If it is any comfort, you can always contact me or any of your Dad's friends or family, if you need to talk and hear some neat things about your Dad you may not have known. Just remember: being strong has a lot of different meanings--part of it is just giving yourself time to be and to feel. You have so many people that watched you grow up that want nothing more but to be there for you--so many you haven't even met yet! Just never forget that we're here! Finally, I love ya Travis; I will never forget you! Ever.


Anderson Orjuela posted on 11/20/21

Although I haven’t talked to Travis in a while, I went down the memory lane and remembered the many times we hung out. Travis always managed to accommodate everyone else first and always share openly with his friends and whoever was around. I’m truly shocked of his loss, my condolences, prayers, and love to his family, wife an kids. May he Rest In Peace and May his family find some comfort and healing during this time of grief! ♥️


Allyson Murphy Corwin posted on 11/20/21

This news is devastating. I knew Travis in High School. He was always so nice and his smile was one to be remembered. My heart goes out to everyone who knew him especially his family. May you hold all of the memories you shared close to your hearts, always. Rest in peace, Travis.


Andrew Valentine posted on 11/20/21

I'm sorry sorry to hear of your passing, my friend. I will forever remember the good times. You were always a friend to all, even in High School, and I thank you for that. I remember meeting your beautiful family, and my condolences go out to them in this difficult time. Thank you for all that you shared.


Danielle Hagstrom posted on 11/19/21

I met Travis at Father Lopez. I remember him most as being kind and intelligent and a really nice guy. Sending my deepest condolences to his family, wife, and his son.


Chris Moore posted on 11/19/21

I’ve tried hard to put many things down, none of it seems to come out the way I’d like for it to, as if it wouldn’t do him justice. I knew him only at Father Lopez - and to be honest, during those times, wished I could be more like him - he walked so confidently, got along with everyone, was funny and intelligent, and simply just awesome. I remember wishing I could be similar one day - his uniqueness really stood out, and I felt honored to be able to talk with him, and his friends. High school is tough for many, people like him made it easier. To his family and closest friends, I know I’m not even scratching the surface to describing him - I’m sorry for everyone’s loss - knowing the impact he had on me, I can’t begin to imagine the impact on you all. My prayers go out to all his family and his friends. Travis, thanks for being a cool guy and having time for me back then. See you up there one day, dude.


Tanya (Niewinski) Mulloy posted on 11/19/21

Travis had such a kind heart and contagious smile. Sending so many prayers and lots of love to all his family.


Alycia Hether Whiting posted on 11/19/21

My sincerest condolences to all of those Travis left behind. He was a great guy! All my love and prayers to his family, especially his wife and children. I can not imagine the void he has left in your life.


Mark Hoover posted on 11/17/21

Found memories of joy with Travis - --His exuberance in doing the pool loop - bounding up the stone mountain, jumping into the pool with a whoop yell, race/swim to the stairs, zipping out of the water to do it again & again!! --Running around downstairs playing rafter-ball with his cousins and family. --Excitement in telling his gaming conquests. --The look of love in having his son born. --His happiness in being with Felicia and family. Travis was an engaging, athletic, smart man who will be missed and remembered! Love, Uncle Mark & Aunt Lynn


Karthik Narayan posted on 11/17/21

Travis was a great guy to get to know and work with. He will be deeply missed. My sincere condolences to his entire family.


Tonya McClain posted on 11/17/21

Felicia, my condolences to you, the boys and the rest of Travis’ family. Sending you love and comfort in your time of sorrow.


Aidaly Castillo posted on 11/16/21

This is hard to believe and I’m so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Jane Katona posted on 11/16/21

My sweet girl, I’m so sorry for your loss. Wishing you the strength to face the days ahead and wonderful memories to cherish forever. Love you.