Condolences for Norbert Henry Drais


Bud posted on 10/19/21

Before Norb married my sister Jan, and we were living in Krum and our father was in the dairy business, Norb came flying over in a small plane. Not low enough to bother the cows. I saw Jan out in the yard waving her arms wanting him to leave. Being the good little brother that I was, I ran to the house and got a shot gun. When she saw it, she started crying. I told her that daddy was going to shoot the damn thing down. Of course, he did not send me after the gun.


Ann Chamberlain McClure posted on 10/18/21

Norb Drais married Jan McClure Drais a year after I married W.J. "Bud" McClure, Jan's brother, in 1958. I remember Norb as a modest and sincere person who was kind and smiled easily. I will say the Rosary tomorrow for Norb.


Patti McClure posted on 10/18/21

What a beautiful obit! I’m sorry I won’t be able to get to Ft. Worth in time for Uncle Norb’s funeral. I will participate (remotely) in the Rosary at 5:30 mst tomorrow. I sure will miss this great guy!