Condolences for Betty Maxine Wakefield Biggers


Norbert and Lisa Gromelski posted on 12/28/20

Our Condolences. Mrs Biggers was a blessing to our Church family and our community. May God welcome her with open arms and Grace.


Melinda Duncan, D.O. posted on 12/21/20

I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s death. She was a pioneer in the funeral home business for women. She was such a caring person. I know when you loose your mom that space is never filled. God blessed your family allowing her to be with you so long. May he now fill your hearts with love and memories. God bless.


Larry Campbell posted on 12/21/20

My condolences to the entire Biggers family in the loss of your mom, she was always so watm & friendly. She was a great longtime friend of our family i always looked forward to speaking with her when ever i happened by. She & her smile be missed.


Fred Zwald & Debbie Middleton posted on 12/20/20

Sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. She was a constant in difficult times. Carry her memory forward. God Bless.


Jim and Cindy Kryst posted on 12/19/20

So sorry for your loss. Prayers.


Linda Davis Stanley posted on 12/18/20

So sorry for the loss of your mom Larry and Gary. She was from an elite fraternity of career women from the era where mom's were strong and committed to their families. Such a blessing to all she cared for in Lake Worth, TX. May she rest in peace.


Helen Parker posted on 12/18/20

So sorry to hear about your Mother, Larry and Gary. Please know that your family is in our thoughts.


Larry L Duncan posted on 12/18/20

Sharon, Larry and Gary your family has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. Your services for my mother and father made loss easier. Loss of Mom leaves a void that is never filled. I can't not be there Saturday but know that you all have been on my mind. There are many happy memories there.


Michael Underwood posted on 12/18/20

I have always thought that Maxine would never "retire" from the funeral industry. She was so devoted to her profession and I see her as a pioneer for women to be in our industry. Way to go Maxine! My thoughts and prayers are with you Larry and Gary and your family.


Roxanna Maddox posted on 12/18/20

As a 27-year-old woman entering the funeral profession in 1985, Maxine was a true inspiration and mentor. Her faithful and all-encompassing commitment to serving the grieving families in the Fort Worth area simply cannot be overstated. Maxine and the Biggers family are truly the most committed and compassionate professionals I have ever known and my personal knowledge of this wonderful family goes back over thirty-five years. Thoughts and prayers to all of the family and friends as her legacy is beyond measure.


Nancy Henderson posted on 12/17/20

Mrs. Biggers was a sweet lady. I met her at the funeral home some years ago. Sending my condolences to the family.